DOC-Swan Hunter Storage & Spooling Yard ready for Operations

After a successful equipment load-in and commissioning period, the DOC-Swan Hunter Storage and Spooling Yard is ready for operations.

The yard based in Vlissingen, Netherlands, will serve as a strategic cable hub enabling product storage and spooling operations for cable manufacturers & installation contractors, as well as deepwater berthing for installation / construction vessels. DOC’s business links with heavy transportation vessels in the Far East, combined with Swan Hunter’s equipment, can also offer clients streamlined cable transportation solutions.

The current yard setup includes a 5500Te basket carousel, capable of over 7000Te onshore capacity, loading tower combined with 10Te spooling tensioner, 15Te shore tensioner and a range of spooling chutes and track ways.

Director Gerard Kroese, stated,

“This is a promising forward step for the Dutch Offshore Contractors and Swan Hunter partnership. Utilising our equipment assets onshore and offshore highlights both our capability and commitment in offering clients a full service solution with on and offshore support in the offshore renewables supply chain”.

The yard and equipment spread will be utilised for a cable storage project shortly. The DOC-Swan Hunter partnership will supplement the storage capacity with additional carousels that are currently under construction.

View DOC-Swan Hunter Storage and Spooling Yard Video