DOC-Swan Hunter complete 1st Cable Spooling Operations in Vlissingen

DOC-Swan Hunter, a joint venture partnership between Dutch Offshore Contractors and Swan Hunter, have successfully completed spooling operations for their first onshore cable storage project at the newly established DOC-Swan Hunter Storage & Cable Spool Yard in Vlissingen, The Netherlands.

The re-scheduled and expedited project to spool and store over 3,000Te of export cable for an undisclosed Dutch customer and a leading cable manufacturer / installer. The project was successfully bid, won and executed in a very short timescale. The 7,000Te onshore capacity basket carousel, loading tower and tensioners were set up, commissioned and operational within 24 hours after the equipment was loaded-in to the DOC-Swan Hunter facilities from a previous project demobilization.

DOC-Swan Hunter’s Director Dave Hangoor stated:

“Securing this last minute project has been a great success to the DOC-Swan Hunter partnership. Considering the very tight timescale from project demobilisation, barge transportation, load-in via Ro-Ro operations to set-up and commissioning of the equipment, allowing us to spooling approximately 73km of product within seven days, a great effort from our team and the supporting subcontractors.”

DOC-SWAN HUNTER provide a complete service package from cable factory to storage, onwards to installation vessel, and long-term storage, including project mob-demob facilities for client’s installation vessels.

SWAN HUNTER, a specialist in providing a wide range of reliable offshore installation equipment for flexible pipelines, umbilicals, power cables, and their engineering & project management team, have extensive experience in the offshore renewables and offshore oil & gas industries.

DUTCH OFFSHORE CONTRACTORS, specialist in heavy transport solutions and project logistic services with a “direct to sea” terminal in Vlissingen.