Yard Facilities

Watch an overview of our storage & spooling yard in the Netherlands
offshore engineering services

Swan Hunter can offer cable and pipeline spooling, storage, and transportation services utilising our storage and spooling yard in Vlissingen, the Netherlands.

The yard serves as a strategic hub for cable manufacturers & installation contractors, as well as deepwater berthing for installation / construction vessels.
Our business links with heavy transportation vessels in the Far East, combined with our equipment, can also offer clients streamlined cable transportation solutions.


Strategic cable hub enabling product storage and spooling operations for cable manufacturers & installation contractors

Offers clients a full service solution with on and offshore support in the offshore renewables supply chain

Yard location within short vessel transit distance to north sea offshore renewable fields

Dedicated 4500Te Onshore Basket Carousel for flexible product spooling and storage

Range of flexible product spooling equipment including Offshore carousels, loading towers, tensioners, trackways, winches and chutes


24/7 direct access

Unrestricted deep water draft 9.5 m LAT

Safe mooring capacity for vessels over 200 m length

SPMT Roll-in / Roll-out quay

20.000 m2 hard-standing open storage yard

Adjacent deep water mooring quay for installation / construction vessel mob/demobilisations

Yard Facilities
Quay Facilities
350Te Basket
1000Te Basket Carousel
4750Te Basket Carousel